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Some FAQs about storage tank(2)
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Some FAQs about storage tank(2)

Jan 05, 2017

I continue to share some FAQs about storage tank as followings:

Gas Storage Tank

Do we have proper ventilation?

API recommends 5 air changes per hour to ensure proper ventilation.

Is there lead in the paint?

Over exposure to lead can negatively affect every organ in the human body. Make sure you have a laboratory analysis to determine if there is lead present. Do not rely on a “lead swab stick” - they have a threshold of detection around 500ppm. Any detectable amount of lead triggers the OSHA requirements.

What does the inspection report tell us about the integrity of the tank?

The tank inspection report can provide useful information such as whether the roof is safe to walk on, or if holes are in the bottom of the tank, indicating there could be potentiall hazardous product under the floor.

Is the tank gas free and ready for hot work?

Be sure to check all column legs, pontoons, floors, sumps, pipes, repads, guide poles and

ladders, roof drains, etc. prior to beginning hot work. Remember, since 1990, 60 deaths have been directly attributed to hot work on tanks.

Is the floating roof secure?

A form of anti-rotation needs to be present and in good condition. Make sure all legs have landed properly and remain vertical. As an additional safeguard, install roof supports on the shell or add cribbing in case of roof failure.

After knowing these FAQs about storage tanks, you may be familiar with them.

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