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Some FAQs about storage tank(1)
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Some FAQs about storage tank(1)

Jan 05, 2017

Storage tank is seen in our daily life. There are some FAQs as followings:

Storage Tank

What was in the tank?

An MSDS sheet has to be provided to your employees. 80% of all confined space fatalities are a result of a hazardous atmosphere. Employees need to be aware of the hazards and health effects associated with the particular chemical(s) the tank contained.

Are rescue services available in case of an emergency?

What resources are available, and is the entire team aware of who and when to call for support? What access is there for rescue personnel?

What's around the tank?

Be certain hazards are identified surrounding your work area. Are there any vents, sewers, pits, open end pipes, electrical hazards, etc., that could become an issue?

Is the Tank properly isolated?

Lock out/ Tag out procedures are critical concerns in repair work. Is simply locking and tagging out a valve sufficient? The tank may have to be physically isolated depending on the product.

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