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Location of floating heat exchanger
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Location of floating heat exchanger

Jul 05, 2017

The double-pipe heat exchanger should be located in a clean, open area, with sufficient clearance at the head of the heat exchanger to remove the tube bundle. In the case of Fixed Tube Sheet units, allow room on both ends of the unit to remove the heads for inspection and tube cleaning. In the case of Floating Rear Tube Sheet units, allow sufficient space at the stationary head end to remove the tube bundle, and sufficient space at the floating head end to permit removal of the shell cover and/or floating head cover.

The foundation of the floating heat exchanger should be adequate so that the unit will not settle and cause piping strains. Foundation bolts should be set to allow for settling inaccuracies. In concrete footings, pipe sleeves at least one size larger than the bolt diameter slipped over the bolt and cast in place are best for this purpose, as they allow the bolt center to be adjusted after the foundation has set.

Foundation bolts should be loosened at one end of the unit to allow for free expansion and contraction of the heat exchanger shell. Slotted holes are provided for this purpose. Exchangers should be set level and square so that pipe connections can be made without forcing.

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