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Classify of welded joint for pressure parts of heat exchanger
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Classify of welded joint for pressure parts of heat exchanger

Jun 29, 2017

Heat exchanger is one type of pressure vessels, do you know the classify of welded joint?

Heat Exchanger

1. Class A including connectors of flat cover, tube sheet connected to cylinder butt joint, the connectors flanges and shell connected to pipes, overlap joints of head ends connect to cylinders, and longitudinal joints multilayer wrapping vessel.

2. Class B including girth joint of the shell part, the joint of the conical head and the pipes, the joint of the long neck flange and pipes. But excluding those have been specified for types A, C and D.

3. Class C Including the longitudinal section of the cylindrical section (excluding multilayer wrapping vessel laminates longitudinal joints), girth welding joint for spherical head and cylinder, all kinds of convex head in all the welding joints and embedded connector that is connected to the shell.

4. Class D including the joints of pipes, manhole, lug, stiffening ring connected to shell. Except for welded joints which have been specified for class A and B.

After knowing the details of heat exchanger, you can handle with it well.

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