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Which loading shoule be considered during the air storage tank design?
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Which loading shoule be considered during the air storage tank design?

May 17, 2017

When you design air storage tank, you need consider the followings:

gas storage tank

1. Internal pressure, external pressure or maximum differential pressure;

2. Hydrostatic pressure;

If need, the following loads should also be considered:

3. The weight of the container (including the inner parts and fillers, etc.), and the normal working conditions or pressure test state of the material under the gravity loading;

4. Ancillary equipment and insulation materials, lining, pipes, escalators, platforms and other gravity loadings;

5. Wind loading, seismic force, snow loading;

6. Support, base ring, ear support and other forms of support reaction;

7. Connecting the pipeline and other components of the force;

8. Temperature gradient or thermal expansion caused by the different forces;

9. Including the impact of rapid pressure fluctuations in the loading;

10. Impact reaction, such as the reaction caused by the fluid and so on;

11. Transportation or lifting of the force.

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