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When choose storage tank you must know
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When choose storage tank you must know

Feb 23, 2017

Your storage tank requirements can vary greatly with any number of factors, including:

  • what you’re storing

  • how much you’re storing

  • location

  • external conditions

For more common configurations, any fabrication team in your local area will have a good idea of what you need.

Storage capacity. The actual volume of storage necessary for your purpose. Depending on various factors, you’ll often be better served by multiple smaller bins than a single immense one.

Discharge frequency. How often you’ll need to discharge the contents of your bin storage. More frequent discharge means more frequent adjustments and movement.

Discharge rate. The actual rate of flow required for your operations. This can be very difficult to calculate if you’re storing nonstandard goods, especially if the particulars of the goods involved don’t readily match any ‘solved’ goods. If you anticipate a challenge here, it’s crucial that you work with qualified engineers to develop your design.

Temperature. Controlling the temperature is critical in any storage, with very particular requirements for various foodstuffs and other perishables.

Pressure. Whether it’s the simple pressure exerted by the weight of what you’re storing, potential gas build up due to temperature fluctuations, or the change of pressure during discharge, it’s critical that your bins be constructed to readily withstand both expected and unexpected drops and rises of pressure.

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