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What types of Heat Exchanger are available?
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What types of Heat Exchanger are available?

Apr 23, 2018

There Are Several Different Kinds of heat exchanger Accessible, the 3 Chief types that Thermex supplies are;

Shell and Tube; both Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers include a high number of little tubes that can be found within a cylindrical casing. The tubes are positioned into the cylinder by means of a tube package or "tube stack" which can either have fixed tube plates (permanently fixed to the body) or, in the case of Thermex Heat Exchangers a floating tube stack which allows the tube bundle to contract and expand together with varying heating ailments in addition to allowing the tube package to be easily removed for servicing and maintenance.

Plate Type; Plate Heat Exchangers function in very much the same manner for a tube and shell heat exchanger, with a series of stacked plates rather than tubes. Plate heat exchangers are often brazed or gasketed depending upon the fluids and application used. Their streamlined stainless steel construction makes them an perfect choice for use with refrigerants or in food and drink processing.

Air Cooled; air cooled heater exchanger are commonly used in vehicles or other mobile applications where no permanent cool water supply can be found. Thermex layouts and supplies blend cooling packs (or even combi-coolers) which combine an engine jacket water cooler, oil cooler and control air cooler into one unit reducing space requirements and improving efficiency. Cool air is supplied either by way of a fan or from air flow caused by the motion of the motor vehicle.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

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