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What is the role of air storage tank?
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What is the role of air storage tank?

Jan 10, 2018

Air storage tank is an important equipment in air source system. Setting up an air storage tank usually has several purposes:

1. Storage of gas, on the one hand to solve the contradiction between the amount of gas consumption in a short period of time, on the other hand to do a temporary emergency when the air compressor failure or other unexpected events such as power outage.

2. To eliminate or weaken the pulsation of the piston air compressor output airflow, stable source pressure to ensure continuous smooth output airflow.

3. To provide a larger system capacity to extend air compressor "start - stop" or "load - uninstall" cycle, reduce the frequency of electrical equipment and valve switching.

As an air storage tank manufacturer, we can wholesale storage tank such as nitrogen storage tank, hydrogen storage tank, stainless nitrogen storage tank, oxygen storage tank and so on.

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