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What is separator?
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What is separator?

Jan 15, 2018

Separator in the chemical refers to complete the fluid pressure balance in the media separation of components and gas separation of the container and so on. Such as various types of filters, oil collectors, buffers, energy stores, scrubbers, absorption towers, copper washing towers, drying towers, distillation towers.

Separator is able to maintain a good separation effect, the need for its level and pressure control. The traditional separator level and pressure control using constant pressure control technology. Variable pressure in the separator level control, the use of float level controller drives the oil and gas control valve, so that the joint action to control the amount of crude oil and natural gas to complete the separator level adjustment, without the separator pressure control. Variable pressure liquid level control method can minimize the throttling of oil and gas outlet valve to reduce the pressure of the separator and improve the separation effect.

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