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What are the requirements for welding the air Storage tank?
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What are the requirements for welding the air Storage tank?

May 26, 2017

We all know that air storage tank need high precise welding tech. Here I will tell you the need you must know as followings:

Oxygen Storage Tank

1. We should not use the cross weld; adjacent two tube between the vertical weld and the head of the weld and the adjacent tube section of the longitudinal joints should be staggered, the weld center line between the outer arc length Should be greater than 3 times the thickness of the cylinder, and not less than 100mm.

2. The lifting lugs and ribs welded to the pressure vessel shall be of the same material as the pressure vessel shell or similar in terms of mechanical properties and welding performance and welded with compatible welding consumables and welding processes The Temporary lifting ears and ribs after the cut off the welding scar must be polished smooth, and should be required for the provisions of the penetration test or magnetic particle testing to ensure that the surface cracks and other defects. The thickness after grinding should not be less than the design thickness of the part.

3. It does not allow strong group welding.

4. Positioning between the compression element or pressure components and non-pressure components when the positioning of welding, if retained as part of the weld metal, welding parts should be required by the welding requirements.

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