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What are aboveground storage tanks using for?
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What are aboveground storage tanks using for?

Feb 16, 2017

Have you ever wondered what you can use an aboveground storage tank for? Aboveground storage tanks have many applications for industrial and commercial use. Below are the applications for which DFC provides aboveground storage tanks.

Aboveground Storage Tank Applications

Fire Suppression/Protection Systems

Petroleum/Fuel Oil Storage

Alternative Fuel Systems (E-85 and Biodiesel)

Emergency Generator Fuel Oil Systems

Potable Water Storage

Oil Water Separators

Chemical Storage

Stormwater Reclamation

Wastewater Storage

Fuel Oil Day Tank Systems (With Pumps and Controls)

ASME/Hydropneumatic Systems

Bladder Tanks

Blowdown Tanks

Chilled Water Buffer Tanks

Epoxy Lined Storage Tanks

Expansion Tanks

Surge Tanks

We offer both steel and stainless steel aboveground storage tanks for the applications listed above. All of our tanks are compliant with EPA regulations for storing petroleum and chemicals, and can be designed to comply with UL142 and UL2085 standards if necessary. You can trust DFC - a storage tank manufacturer in China.

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