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Welding requirement for gas storage tank
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Welding requirement for gas storage tank

Jul 27, 2017

Here I will introduce some welding requirement for gas storage tank .

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The longitudinal joints of the welded pressure vessel, the annular joint of the shells and shells(head ends), and the spliced joint of the head ends must be welded in the form of a butt joint with full cross-section penetration. The shell plate of spherical tank shall not be spliced jointed. Under any of the following circumstances, shall adopt the form of full penetration welding:

1. The pressure vessel with medium of flammable or toxic The medium is flammable or toxic of extreme and hazards

2. The pressure vessels with air pressure test required

3. The The third category of pressure vessels

4. Cryogenic pressure vessels

5. Pressure vessel designed by fatigue criterion

6. The pressure vessels heated directly by flame

7. Movable pressure vessels

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