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The main material of the heat exchanger
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The main material of the heat exchanger

Feb 28, 2018

General heat exchangers are made of metal materials, including carbon steel and low alloy steel are mostly used in the manufacture of low-pressure heat exchanger; stainless steel in addition to mainly for different corrosion resistance conditions, austenitic stainless steel can also be used as a resistance High and low temperature materials; copper, aluminum and its alloys are mostly used in the manufacture of low temperature heat exchangers; nickel alloys are used in high temperature conditions; non-metallic materials in addition to the production of gasket parts, some have begun to produce non-metallic materials resistance Erosion heat exchangers, such as graphite heat exchangers, fluorine plastic heat exchangers and glass heat exchangers.

We produce air cooled heater exchanger and double-pipe heat exchanger mainly.

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