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The design and installation of surge tank
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The design and installation of surge tank

Apr 22, 2017

Surge tank design is dependent on the system is attached to. The device usually has a set of valves to control movements of fluids and gases from the tank, and it may have an emergency relief valve designed to release pressure in the event of an emergency. These tanks can also be used to bleed air out of a system, as air will rise to the top, and it can be vented while a valve keeps fluids safely inside the system.

Surge tank

When installing a surge tank, it is important to use one designed and rated for the system. If the tank is not fitted properly or it is not strong enough, a catastrophic failure can occur. Many companies make tanks designed for various applications, and it is possible to order custom models for particular settings, in the event that there is a special need. People fitting them to vehicles that do not come with a stock tank should be aware that such modifications can void a warranty.

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