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Some FAQs about tower
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Some FAQs about tower

Jan 16, 2017

We are tower manufacturer in China, here we will share you FAQs with you.

Coking Tower

1. What several types of commonly used plate tower in China? In recent years the development of the use of several forms of trays?

There are commonly used plate tower with bubble cap tower, sieve plate tower, valve tower and tongue type towers and other types in China. In recent years, the development of the use of the oblique hole tray, guide sieve, mesh trays, large sieve, float valve sieve composite trays and floating spray tray, swirl tray, rotary leaf plate.

2. What are the main components of the tray?

(1) The tray is provided with a plurality of holes, a float valve, a blister, or the like, or directly as a gas passage. The heat transfer and mass transfer of the medium is carried out on the tray.

(2) Downcomer The upper layer of liquid through the downcomer to the lower tray, is the main liquid channel.

(3) The overflow weir includes inlet weir and outlet weir. Import weir is mainly to keep the downcomer of the normal liquid height, to ensure the normal mass transfer.

3. What are the characteristics of a well-functioning tray?

(1) high fractionation efficiency;

(2) the production capacity, which allows the gas and liquid load are higher;

(3) stable operation, "elasticity" is good, that is, in the tower gas, liquid load to produce greater changes, can still guarantee a higher fractional efficiency;

(4) the pressure drop is small;

(5) simple structure, easy installation and maintenance.

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