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How to storage heat exchanger?
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How to storage heat exchanger?

Apr 11, 2017

If the heat exchanger cannot be installed immediately upon receipt at the job site, please be advised of certain necessary precautions to prevent deterioration during storage. Responsibility for integrity of the U tube heat exchanger is to be assumed by the User. JFD Tube & Coil Products, Inc. will not be responsible for damage, corrosion, or other wear & tear of equipment during storage.

U tube heat exchanger

• Upon receipt of the heat exchanger, inspect for shipping damage. If damage is evident, inspect for possible contamination and replace protective covers as needed. If damage is extensive, notify the Freight Carrier and JFD immediately.

• Remove any accumulations of dirt, water, ice, or snow and wipe dry before moving the exchanger into indoor storage. Take precautions to prevent rusting or contamination. Open drain plugs to remove any moisture, then reseal.

• Store under cover in a climate controlled area, if possible. An ideal storage environment is a dry, low humidity area that is sealed to prevent entry of blowing dust, rain, or snow. Inspect the fin heat exchanger frequently while it is in storage.

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