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How much do you learn about tower?
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How much do you learn about tower?

Dec 13, 2016

There are many towers in our life. Saying of tower, you think of first time may be where in tourist attractions. Here I want to tell you some tower for coal industry.

Recovery Tower

According to the structure, tower can be divided into plate tower and packed tower.

Plate tower: the tower is equipped with a layer separated by a certain distance from the tray, the gas pressure difference driven by the bottom up through the liquid layer on the tray and flow to the top of the tower: the liquid by gravity column from top to the bottom, and a flowing liquid layer is formed on each of the trays. Liquid, gas phase on the tray in contact with each other, the heat and mass transfer.

Packing tower: The tower is filled with various forms of packing, the liquid from top to bottom flow, the gas from the bottom to the top, in the filler surface contact, complete mass transfer process. Filler in the form of a variety of common Raschig rings, Pall ring, corrugated packing, saddle-type packing, wire mesh packing.

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