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How much do you know about pressure vessel drawings?
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How much do you know about pressure vessel drawings?

Jan 24, 2017

As we all know, we always export to stainless steel storage tank to many countries around the world. Do you know about pressure vessel drawings? 

Stainless Steel Storage Tank

1.What are the types of pressure vessel drawings?

According to the drawings, the contents can be divided into eight categories: general drawing, assembly drawing, component drawing, part drawing, table drawing, special tool drawing, nozzle orientation map and pre-weldment drawing.

2.What contents at least should be shown in the general design drawing of pressure vessels?

(1) The name of the pressure vessel, type, design, manufacture based on the main regulations, standards;

(2) Working conditions, including work pressure, working temperature, medium toxicity and explosion hazard levels;

(3) Design conditions, including design temperature, design load (including all the pressure should be considered, including the load), medium (components), corrosion allowance, welded joint coefficient, natural conditions, storage of liquefied gas storage tank Should be noted that the loading coefficient, the tendency of stress corrosion storage containers should be noted that the limited content of corrosive media;

(4) The main pressure components and material standards and standards;

(5) The main characteristics of the parameters (such as the pressure vessel volume, heat exchanger heat transfer area and the number of programs, etc.);

(6) The design life of the pressure vessel (fatigue containers indicate the number of cycles);

(7) Special manufacturing requirements;

(8) Heat treatment requirements;

(9) Non-destructive testing requirements;

(10) Pressure test and leakage test requirements;

(11) Requirements for the prevention of corrosion;

(12) Safety accessories specifications and ordering special requirements (process factor has been taken into account);

(13) Location of pressure vessel nameplate;

(14) Packaging, transportation, site welding and installation requirements.

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