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Have you heard thermal cleaning of heat exchangers?
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Have you heard thermal cleaning of heat exchangers?

Mar 30, 2017

Traditional water cleaning is, depending on the pollution, in some cases very difficult even impossible.

Like with all other heat exchangers, thermal cleaning offers a good possibility to make your Compabloc almost new again using controlled heat and a good rinsing afterwards.

heat exchanger

Twisted tube heat exchangers

Because of the twist in the tubes, the accessibility needed for a good cleaning by water is very poor. You only can clean the outside like this.

Thermal cleaning offers very good results because of its technical characteristics. All dirt will be removed also from the very inside of this kind of heat exchangers.

Plate heat exchangers

In most of the cases a chemical treatment is used and has been proven to be very effective to clean the soiled plates of this kind of heat exchangers. High-pressure cleaning is sometimes done, but the risk of damaging is very high.

Thermal cleaning can be used to remove all kinds of pollution on the plates, like glue, and a polymerized or carbonized pollution, which are difficult to remove with chemicals.

Thermal cleaning however can not remove scale, while this is inorganic! Learn more heat exchangers via www.dfc-tank.com.

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