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Floating Heat Exchanger Technical Features
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Floating Heat Exchanger Technical Features

May 10, 2018

1. Reinforced heat transfer The spiral copper coil adopts a cantilever fixing structure. When the hot medium (saturated steam or high temperature water) flows through the pipe, the coil generates a high-speed reciprocating motion, forcing the surrounding water of the heat exchange tube to form a disturbance, thus greatly The coefficient a0 of the heat transfer film was increased, the thermal resistance 1/a0 of the outer wall of the pipe was reduced, and the total heat transfer coefficient K was increased.

2. In the operation of automatic descaling equipment, due to the high-speed floating of the coil, it is difficult for the scale to deposit on the outer wall of the pipe; at the same time, due to the expansion and contraction of the coil with temperature, even if a small amount of scale is formed on the outer wall of the pipe, it will fall off automatically ( Regular discharge of the tank from the sewage outfall eliminates the traditional cumbersome descaling process, and therefore, the heat exchanger can maintain optimal operation for a long period of time.

3. Precise temperature control This device is equipped with a sophisticated “intellectual temperature regulator” that can continuously detect the water temperature automatically and instruct the control valve to adjust the amount of steam (or high temperature water) entering the coil. Therefore, even if the load fluctuates, the temperature of the outlet water It can still be kept within ±2°C of the setting value.

4, floating heat exchanger to reduce the area of the device compact structure, covers an area of about the same function of the fin tube heat exchanger about 10%, not only reduces the cost, effective use of space, but also easy to transport and lifting.

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