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Do you know storage tanks?
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Do you know storage tanks?

Mar 25, 2017

Storage tanks play a vital role in many types of businesses and organizations including manufacturing and processing plants, agricultural or ranch operations, fire protection services, water treatment facilities and municipal water distribution systems. They can be used to store many types of liquids or dry goods, including potable or non-potable water, wastewater, food products, drilling mud, sand and other materials. To be cost-effective and reliable, they must be able to be manufactured and installed quickly and easily and be durable enough to last for years without leaks or frequent maintenance.

stainless steel storage tanks

Both concrete and stainless steel storage tanks are durable and reliable storage options, but they are expensive, difficult to install and hard to maintain. Another option is bolted steel tanks, which are manufactured in sections at a controlled facility, then shipped to your location and assembled on site, quickly and efficiently. They offer the strength of welded steel tanks, with greater flexibility and simple maintenance.

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