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Air tightness testing about Hydrogen storage tank you need know
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Air tightness testing about Hydrogen storage tank you need know

Aug 31, 2017

As we all know, each Hydrogen storage tank has high air tightness. While do you know the the requirements for pressure vessel air tightness testing?

Hydrogen storage tank

(1) The degree of toxicity of the media is extremely high, highly hazardous or the design does not allow a slight leakage of the pressure vessel, must be air tightness test;

(2) Carbon steel and low alloy steel pressure vessel The temperature of the test gas should not be less than 5 ℃, other materials made of pressure vessels according to the design specifications.

(3) Air tightness test The gas used should be clean and clean air, nitrogen or other inert gas.

(4)Air tightness test should be carried out after the hydraulic test. For pressure vessels that require pressure test for design drawings, it is necessary to do air tightness tests that should be specified in the design drawings.

(5)Pressure vessel for air tightness test, the safety accessories should generally be fully assembled. If you need to install the safety accessories in front of the site, you should indicate the installation of safety accessories in the airtightness test report of the pressure vessel quality certificate.

Since learning of the Hydrogen storage tank, you can handle with the pressure vessel better.

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