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Why do we choose stainless steel storage tank not plastic?

Feb. 14, 2017

Stainless steel storage tank and plastic tank are both useful for storage. Which you choose between them? Plastic is comparatively inexpensive, easy to form, and readily available, making plastic storage tanks an option for some applications. Plus, it has some unique properties, such as its ability to be translucent so a user can see the content levels inside. But plastic also has several characteristics that create problems in certain situations.

Stainless Steel Storage Tank

1. Bursting

If a tank will be filled or emptied quickly, faster than its vents enable air to move, the contents come under pressure. This can cause a plastic storage tank to burst.

2. Expansion & Contraction

Similarly, if there are rigid pipes or fittings, temperature changes can cause a plastic tank to expand or contract, potentially straining the stationary pipes beyond their limits.

3. Caustic Contents

Lastly, plastic simply is not a viable option if a storage tank is meant to contain liquids at extreme temperatures or those that are abrasive. Solvents, petroleum products, and some detergents can quickly degrade plastic.

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