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The Repair of Heat Exchanger

Feb. 08, 2017

How to uninstall and reinstall a heat exchanger, being able to confidently diagnose a cracked heat exchanger will be incredibly beneficial to your long-term reputation.

Heat Exchanger Manufactuer

In the short-term, a replaced heat exchanger will almost definitely net you a larger invoice. However, if you are able to effectively diagnose the problem and circumvent a heat exchanger replacement that would have costed the homeowner a considerable sum of money, then guess what? You just made a raving fan. While it may seem less worth your time to take the time to learn how to diagnose every common heat exchanger, and especially worth less to learn to repair them, the ability to instill confidence in you and your business’ abilities and honesty is worth so much more than a higher invoice is. Remember: Even if a homeowner believes that the replacement is necessary, they will love you so much more if you can avoid it; this means repeat business, referrals, and more invoices to come.

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